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June 2013

Moving Beyond the Tuck Box When Creating Custom Card Games

Monster Protector and UltraPRO

Cardboard tuck boxes are a pet peeve of ours here at Esmaya & Me. We hate it when our tuck boxes finally end up in the trash and our cards are relegated to finishing out their lives wrapped up in a rubber band or hair tie, deteriorating even more quickly now that they’ve lost their protective shell. We would like to make sure that our own games don’t share the same fate. Especially when the game has instructions that should stay with it.

Calculating Your Kickstarter Project’s Goal So You Don’t Go Bankrupt

Glimpse of the mathematical formulae we came up with for determining kickstarter minumum goals.

After failing to find an equation for the problem of determining our minimum goal on Kickstarter, we put our heads together and came up with an equation that works pretty well.

Paper or Plastic? Creating Custom Card Games.

At first blush, we thought plastic cards were a bad idea. They’re plastic; not really biodegradable, and not the obvious ecological choice. Paper cards, though, are really just a thin bit of card stock sandwiched between two sheets of clear plastic, so, it turns out that they’re really not much better. In fact, they are likely to end up in a land fill at a higher rate than a fully plastic cards, since they need to be replaced so often.

Interesting Things We’ve Learned About Creating Custom Card Games

Lots of Card Games

We thought it might be a good idea to just drop a short list of some of the more interesting tidbits we’ve learned in the past six months so that folks who might have similar ideas can be prepared

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